I have always loved hand knitting and a lot of my work in foundation was based on this so I was really excited to use a knitting machine. On the first Monday I had a appointment so unfortunately missed the morning session, but made it in for crochet in the afternoon. I had never crochet before but since I like knitting I thought it might come naturally. Although this didn’t happen. For some reason I really couldn’t get the hang of it and found it quite confusing in terms of how you start to make shapes etc or even just a square. I think from this ill stick to knitting!!

Day 2 was a day in the knit room. First of all we were shown the basics of the knit machine and how to cast on. The demonstration of this looked pretty easy and I was really surprised with how quickly you can get knitting, compared to in weave where it takes a long, long time, I liked this as I work more fast paced. It was then my turn to thread up my machine. Although it looked easy it was quite difficult remembering to make sure that I didn’t miss any steps out so I’m glad I wrote it down in my notes. I loved how fast it was to knit a substantial amount, it was all going well until I soon discovered how easily it can fall off the machine. We then went on to learn a few techniques, eg. changing colour, two colours at once and stripes.

Later on in the week we were shown more techniques. For example, lace holes and laddering. This really changes the nature of the knit and can give really cool effects, I especially liked it when the knit was filled with accidental/mismatched Lace holes. On the other hand this can be used to create very precise, decorative lacing. Then we were shown how to attach more knits, gathering the knit and increasing/decreasing stitches. The more I played around with these the more I enjoyed the process of knitting. I love how you can make your knits very 3D and playful. Compared to being restricted in weave i like how they can form any shape you like. For the rest of the day I kept up playing with these ideas and creating samples that also focus on my colour scheme. This got me excited for the last week of knit.