For this weeks lecture visit I went and saw the Iconoclasts: Art out of the mainstream exhibition.

The only artist I was familiar with was Maurizio Anzeri as I remember my friend studying his work at A-level. Anzeri sews directly onto his portrait photographs to portray a sense of movement or emotion. I really like the detail and precision within his work as each stitch has a clear sense of direction with a clear, sharp line. Although I didn’t like how his work was presented as I don’t think you could properly view and admire their beauty when in the glass frame. We can all see the work however we don’t get the full effect of the thread used and to me if I look at it through the glass I could just think it was a fine line done with pen etc.


Thomas Mailaender:


Dale Lewis:


Daniel Crews-Chubb:

I really love the colours and marks within this piece, its probably one of my favourite in the exhibition. Reminding me of our drawing classes and swatch book work.

Iconoclast. This is a word associated to ‘icon’. Many would believe that these pieces of work are iconic as they push art boundaries and possibly reach out from the social norm. They are very interesting and challenge what some would think as art or traditional art, becoming iconic.

Personally I thought this was a really good exhibition and the best one out of the set tasks we were given.