On the Monday of week 2 we had another studio day. We were given a presentation showing students work from previous years and also work which people have gone on to do after graduating at chelsea. This was really good to get an insight of what you may progress onto during the knit block. We were also taught about yarns and given a quiz on fibres just before lunch.


In the afternoon we began hand knitting. I could already do this so got going relitivly quickly, but after using the machine for the first time last week I found this to be a little bit boring. Although it was really useful as I was taught some new stitches and different ways to hold the needles etc. To end the class we we made pom poms, to get in the Christmas spirit we then made a tree out of them.

   Pom pom and hand knitting with wool and a washing line.

Our second day of the week was back in the knit room. I was looking forward to this and set the aim to try and be more experimental so brought in a few of my own materials to try out. Unfortuntly our tutor wasn’t feeling well on this day so we were left to get on and do what we wanted. This was good although abit tricky when we got stuck and we didn’t get to learn more. However one person in my group had used the machines before so taught us how to e wrap. I knew I would like doing this as it allowed me to bring in unconventional materials and other fabrics eg. Plastic bags, netting, cable ties. I was really productive in this session and really got into my work experimenting with everything I had been taught in the previous week.


I was quite pleased with these samples and I think its clear how much you learn and change from in the first week when you are just trying things out. So far I think this has been my favourite block as I have had so much fun producing my work. Thursday was our final day in stitch. I wasn’t feeling too well on this day so I don’t think I got as much out of it as I could. I found my sekf working a lot slower so only produced one or two smaller samples. In this time we also learnt how to cast off but I didn’t try this out for myself.